I am very intrigued by balance and tension and juxtaposition. There are "layers" that make up each person's life history and mind, and I therefore create layers in my sculpture to symbolize this. I often see things in the world as having an "inner and an outer", sometimes revealed to the world at large and sometimes hidden. 

    My sculptures also involve the relationship of the natural and man-made environments and the balance or imbalance between them.    
    The work is inspired by a variety of sources. I have been influenced by diverse things, from spiritual styles as mandalas, "Contructivism", "drawing in space" and of course, nature: artists like Calder, David Smith, Mark Di Suvero, Miro, Picasso,  etc.
    Current work often incorporates curved brass tubing with mobiles, color, sound and sometimes water.  
     My stained glass work includes steel "frames", often octagonal that enclose a series of elements floating within this environment. 
      I have also been exploring the use of depth (perspective), color and balance in my work.